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What is wbITC-LearningCenter?

Probably the most important point first: wbITC-LearningCenter is neither accredited nor certified by any otherentity. Achieving either status is not really in our interest.

Towards the end of 2021, wbITC-LearningCenter was called into life after we (at wbITC) were pointed to a direct need within our community. Unhappy with the current offerings (or: lack thereof) from local schools and other public organizations in terms of entry level information technology classes or workshops, we decided to step up and provide these sought after services.

Since somewhere around 2003, and being an early adopter of open source technologies along with the more "traditional" technologies, I have already been training my own employees as well as the employees of my client's businesses for so many years now. Even in my spare time, I have always been introducing and creating enthusiasm for new technologies to people of all age groups. Sometimes even opening new interests and even career paths along the way.

What can you find here?

We do not view our offerings as "classes" or "courses" in a traditional sense. We find "workshop" to be the better choice of words, since it is a more adequate description. Our workshops are flexible and can be more tailored to individual needs (PC/Custom), generalized (PC/MS-Windows), or even quite specialized (Linux/OpenSource).

At wbITC-LearningCenter, we present a more practical (hands on) approach to learning new skills in our workshops, while also helping you improving your ability to find (research) solutions to problems faced during and after the workshop.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to offer a structured approach to acquiring new skills for our attendees, and to Facillitate problem solving skills, teamwork and general open mindedness to alternative solutions (flexibility). In a professional, but fun, environment.

What is our Motivation?

We believe it is never too early or too late to learn something new, and that even life itself is a continuous learning process.

We realize that people interested in our workshops come from all different walks of life. There are many motivations for learning new skills, such as improving chances at a better job or position or just discovering new interests. And, sometimes, even school teachers, company owners, department managers or even recruiters are looking for entry level classes for their people.

At wbITC-LearningCenter, we enjoy sharing our knowledge with others, and helping them to satisfy their motivations.

How is wbITC-LearningCenter financed?

If you would like to know more about our Sponsor-Programm and how you can help us help others, please visit our Sponsors page.

The wbITC-LearningCenter Team (04.2022)

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