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wbITC-LearningCenter workshops


Our Workshops

We would like to limit our workshops to small groups with a maximum of three participants at the same time. Why? The experience of the last 30 years has shown us that teams of three can work/learn most efficiently. Small groups also give us the opportunity to respond to the individual needs of each participant. With our workshops we also want to promote teamwork, communication and social skills. Of course, learning should also be fun.

What we are contributing

We as a company provide the virtualization servers, network infrastructure and of course the premises. We also bear the additional costs of rapidly increasing energy costs as the workshops take place outside of our regular business hours. We also provide the workshop instructors and guest lecturers.

What we need

So that we can set up our training center with the appropriate infrastructure, we need sponsors for suitable hardware components, such as new computer screens that are easy on the eyes and workstation PCs with keyboards and mice. Since we want to save and conserve resources, we don't need brand new computers. By using Linux and open source, we can also access older and refurbished devices that can still be used optimally with these software components.

Help for Students

In addition, we would like to give everyone who would like to learn some new skills a chance to do so. That is why we are also looking for sponsors who would like to support students and young people whose parents cannot pay the workshop fees.


wbITC and the wbITC-LearningCenter believe in 100% Transparency.

  • Sponsors can choose to be listed either anonymously, or under any other name they choose, on our SponsorStats page.
  • Once a year, we submit financial reports to all current sponsors.
  • Every sponsor, upon request, will access to our wbITC-LearningCenter doucmentation, including supplier invoices and all expense reports.

Become a sponsor!

If you are interested in helping wbITC-LearningCenter by becoming a sponsor, please contact us and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

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