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wbITC-LearningCenter workshops


Our workshop fees are always easy to calculate:
For young adults up to 18yrs of age and students, Workshop Hours x EUR 15.00 (incl. 19% German SalesTax)
For everyone else, workshop hours x EUR 25.00 (incl. 19% German SalesTax)


Unless otherwise stated, all workshops take place at our location in D-54636, Ehlenz. Hauptsr 30a. If you are interested in having our classes at your location, please contact us to discuss terms and conditions.


At this time, we are not planning on offering online workshops. However, please keep checking back with us here to see if this should change.



Entry Level Usage and Security

Duration: 24 hours

A solid foundation in the areas: Windows settings, working with filesystems, home networks and basic security while surfing the web, working with emails, social media apps and video chat and conferencing apps. Introduction and principles of working with office packages (MS-Word, Excel, Powerpoint or LibreOffice) and lots more.


A practical introduction to the world of Linux and OpenSource.

  • Entry-Level Linux and OpenSource
    Find out what Linux is and what it can do, how to choose the right distribution for yourself, how to install Linux and where to find help whenever needed.
    -- Duration: 24 hours --
  • Linux, networks and administration
    Building on our Entry-Level workshop, learn elementary skills on configuring and administrating Linux systems in networks.
    -- Duration: 40 hours --
  • Linux, development for the World Wide Web (www)
    building on our "Linux, Networks and Administration" workshop, learn more about web-servers, databases and important software tools for web and application development.
    -- Duration: 40 hours --


A targeted to approach to your specific topic.

Duration: to be determined

You have a particular goal that you would like to achieve or you would like to intensify or deepen specific skills learned during our other workshops, then this is for you. Together, we clearly document your goal(s) and expectations, determine an appropriate duration for the workshop, and create your personalized schedule.


Additional Information

Important Workshop Notes

  • All workshops, except "PC/Custom", with a maximum of 3 (three) participants for each round.
  • Starting dates for each round of workshops can be viewd here.
  • Workshop "PC/Custom" is a one-to-one Workshop, unless otherwise quoted, and does not appear in our public workshop schedule.
  • Please be sure to read our General Terms of Business/Service before registering for a workshop.

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