This -> Our Linux workshops were designed to raise interest and enthusiasm in all age groups, by providing a truely hands-on, entry level introduction to Linux and the OpenSource world. And in doing so, filling the gap left behind, for the most part, by our educational systems that are predominately focused on Microsoft and Apple products - Completely ignoring Linux and OpenSource's contribution to the internet and the world as we know it.



What these workshops are:

  • A good place to discover the Linux and OpenSource world in a structured, practical way.
  • A unique opportunity to discover your ability to learn and work in a small team.
  • A good way to learn first hand as to why documenting your work is so important.
  • A great chance to see if the Linux/OpenSource world is something you would like to get into.

What these workshops are NOT:

  • No place for "bashing" other operating systems
    At wbITC-LearningCenter, we accept that all operating systems have their respective place and use cases.
  • Not a place for "distribution wars"
    All Linux distributions have their respective place and their own fan base.
  • Our Linux-Workshops are neither certified nor recognized.
    But they are a good starting point for getting into the whole certification and studies path.

Additional Information

Important notes to Linux/OpenSource workshops

  • These workshops have a maximum of 3 (three) participants for each round.
  • Starting dates for each round of workshops can be viewed here.
  • Please be sure to read our General Terms of Business/Service before registering for a workshop.

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