WSL01 Linux/OpenSource

An introduction to Linux and OpenSource

What to expect from this workshop

In this workshop, you will gain an entry-level insight into the Linux and OpenSource world. You will find out what's behind the OpenSource movement, why it is important, and why the internet would not be what we have today without it. You will learn the importance of documenting your work, why knowing some English can be very helpful, and where and how to find help on the internet for your Linux problems.

You will also be learning and working together in a small team - honing your communication and problem solving skills, while helping your team mates. And, quite frankly, you will be having a lot of fun!

By the end of the workshop, you will have chosen and installed your own Linux system. Knowledge and experience that you can take home with you and build upon. Besides that, you will have possibly made some new friends as well with which you can continue to exchange with.

Pre-requisites: previous experience using other operating systems are of advantage, but not necessary.



  • 24 hours total
  • For ages 13 - 18 and students: EUR 360.00
  • For adults: EUR 600.00
  • All prices include German SalesTax (19%)

Phase 1 :: Test Drive (18 Hrs)

The topics discussed in this phase will include:

  • Linux
    • What it is
    • What it is NOT
  • PC Hardware/Linux
    • PCs, Laptops, Tablets
    • Common Input/Output Devices
    • Common Connectors, Ports and Cables
    • Why your monitor/screen is an important choice
  • Distributions
    • Why so many to choose from?
    • History and Future
    • Most Common world wide
  • Booting Linux
    • GRUB/Boot Menue
    • Normal Startup
    • Safe-/Repair- Mode
    • Console
  • Filesytem and Management
    • Common drives, HDD, SSD, USB, CD/DVD/BR
    • Filesystems - oh, the choices we make
    • Network drives, resources
    • Files and folders
    • Permissions
  • Why the console is your friend
    • More filesystem fun
    • Dirty deeds done dirt cheap ("rm -rf *" und "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=1M")
    • Editing (config) files
    • Finding files
    • Starting/Stopping services
  • Internet and Surfing
    • Popular browsers
      • Chromium
      • Firefox
      • Lynx
    • Domains
    • The internet and URLs
    • Emails
      • Webmail
      • Thunderbird
    • Social media and concerns.
    • Security!!
  • Applications for Linux
    • OpenSource
      • LO-Writer
      • LO-Calc
      • LO-Impress
      • Gimp
  • Communications
    • Skype
    • Teams
    • Zoom

Phase 2 :: Your turn! (6 Hrs)

Your objective will be: having fun installing a fully functional Linux system on your workplace PC, and then working with it.

  • Chosing your favorite Linux
    • Best to meet purpose/goal? or:
    • Best hardware support? or:
    • Best multi-media? or:
    • Looks the prettiest?
  • Making your own boot/install media
  • Configuring the installation
    • Country, keyboard layout and time zone
    • Purpose
    • Storage, partitioning, to RAID or not to RAID?
    • Single or multiple boot system?
    • To sudo, or not to sudo? Create user/root
    • Choice of desktop (or not)
    • LAN, WLAN (with or without updates?)
  • Documenting what is missing or not working
  • Completing the installation
    • Installing missing drivers and apps.
    • Installing Skype
    • Creating Users
    • Managing updates
  • Basic linux security

Throughout all the above listed topics, we will also be discussing data security and privacy issues, and why there is no such a thing as a free lunch.


Additional Information

Important Notes to workshop: WSW01 PC/MS-Windows

  • This workshop has a maximum of 3 (three) participants for each round.
  • Starting dates for each round of workshops can be viewed here.
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