WSL03 Linux/DevWWW

Linux, Development for the WWW

This workshop is a good starting point for anyone interested in web site and/or application development. It will give you a great insight into some of the industries standard tools and skills required to get into the www development world. Naturally, this course will not turn anyone into a "designer", but understanding the fundamentals of client server architechtures will take you a long way towards realizing someone else's design ideas. ;)

Hint: we will also be using free html/css templates for this course, and showing you where you can find those for your own projects. :)

Pre-requisites: previous experience using Linux on a daily basis. Or: at least participation in our workshop: WSL01 Linux/OpenSource



  • 40 hours total
  • For ages 13 - 18 and students: EUR 600.00
  • For adults: EUR 1000.00
  • All prices include German SalesTax (19%)

In this workshop, we will be covering the following topics:

Part 1 :: Theory and Test-Drive (16hrs)

  • Useful Terminology
    • Frontend/Backend
    • What is HTML and CSS?
    • Web Client-Engines
      • WebKit, Blink, Gecko or what? (and why that is important)
    • Viewport
  • Browsers
    • Firefox
    • Edge
    • Safari
    • Chrome/Chromium
  • Design
    • Static
    • Dynamic
    • Responsive
    • Templates
  • Frontend Development
    • Text/Code Editors
      • Kate
      • Eclipse
      • Joe
    • Scripting Language(s)
      • Javascript
      • External Libraries
        • jQuery
        • Ajax
        • smarty
  • Backend (Server-Side) Development
    • Webservers - Why being able to setup your own webserver is an advantage.
      • Apache
      • Nginx
      • fastCGI
      • php-fpm
    • Markup Language
      • HTML5
      • CSS3
    • Scripting Languages
      • PHP
      • Perl
    • Databases
      • MySQL/MariaDB
      • PostgreSQL

Part 2 :: Your Turn! (8hrs)

  • Creating your own little website
    [We will be using a ready-available Apache Server running on our own server.]
    • Discussing, deciding, documenting the content
    • General outline/design on whiteboard
    • Design/Layout from scratch, or from template?
    • Using Kate as a Text/Code editor
  • Document the project and assign responsibilities.
  • Review results on different devices.

Additional Information

Important Notes to workshop: WSL03 Linux/DevWWW

  • This workshop has a maximum of 3 (three) participants for each round.
  • Starting dates for each round of workshops can be viewed here.
  • Please be sure to read our General Terms of Business/Service before registering for a workshop.

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