WSW01 PC/MS-Windows

Entry level PC and MS-Windows Workshop

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This -> Originally created for people with little to no previous experience with computers, laptops and/or tablets, this course has become extremely popular with senior citizens and people looking to explore new career opportunities. This is an introductory workshop and can not, by any standards, replace more "official" courses targeting specific elements within our topic range. It's main goal is actually: helping people help themselves.

In this entry-level workshop, you will learn the basics in regards to the daily usage of computers, laptops and tablets with the MS-Windows operating system. You will also learn some basic security principals, enabling you to surf the internet, exchange emails, and navigate through social media applications in a more productive and especially safer way. All the while, you will learn how to better (and safer) research the internet for answers to questions or problems you may have during your daily drive with your computer.

Pre-requisites: No previous experience required.



  • 24 hours total
  • For ages 13 - 18 and students: EUR 360.00
  • For adults: EUR 600.00
  • All prices include German SalesTax (19%)

The topics discussed in this workshop will include:

  • PC Hardware
    • PCs, Laptops, Tablets
    • Common Input/Output Devices
    • Common Connectors, Ports and Cables
    • Why your monitor/screen is an important choice
  • Starting Windows
    • Supported Windows versions
    • Normal Startup
    • Safe-/Repair- Mode
    • Console
  • Filesytem and Management
    • Common drives, HDD, SSD, USB, CD/DVD/BR
    • Drive lettering, C:\, D:\, etc.
    • Network drives, resources
    • Files and folders
  • Configuring Windows
    • Networks (LAN, WLAN)
    • Anti-Virus, Windows Defender
    • Firewalls, but where?
  • Internet and Surfing
    • Popular browsers
      • Edge/Internet Explorer
      • Google-Chrome
      • Firefox
    • Domains
    • The internet and URLs
    • Emails
      • Webmail
      • Outlook
      • Thunderbird
    • Social media and concerns.
    • Security!!
  • Applications for Windows
    • MS Applications
      • MS-Word
      • MS-Excel
      • MS-Powerpoint
      • Photoshop
    • OpenSource Alternatives
      • LibreOffice-Writer
      • LibreOffice-Calc
      • LibreOffice-Impress
      • Gimp
  • Communications
    • Skype
    • Teams
    • Zoom

Throughout all the above listed topics, we will also be discussing data security and privacy issues, and why there is no such a thing as a free lunch.


Additional Information

Important Notes to workshop: WSW01 PC/MS-Windows

  • This workshop has a maximum of 3 (three) participants for each round.
  • Starting dates for each round of workshops can be viewed here.
  • Please be sure to read our General Terms of Business/Service before registering for a workshop.

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